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food expense for the month


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Hi all,


i am trying to cut back on our expenses, and "my grocery" expense for the month is about $700 a month for a family of 4. i make breakfast, lunch & dinner daily. my husband brings lunch 2X/week and buys the rest of the week. also, we eat out once a week. Does $700 seem reasonable? I tried to make most everything from scratch and shop around for the best prices between Wholefoods, Trader Joes, Costco, local health food stores & local farmers market.


If anyone has any frugal ideas, pls share.


I tried to ask some of my friends but they don't share the same shopping concern i have w/food, buy organic, wild fish, & free from additives.



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Hi Pat, I can fully sympathize but it sounds like you are doing all you can as far as being frugal! I'm in Canada so exchange and taxes etc...but for a family of 6 my monthly is around $1000-1200. Just like you I try to do as much from scratch as possible and buy organic etc. I think there is very little way to get around it, good healthy food is costly (seems really messed up doen't it?). Definately need to expand my garden this year! Then there are the multi's and supps... :wacko:

No advice here! Just sympathies.......would love any help myself but truly think this is the best I can do given the dietary circumstances and sounds like it may be the same for you...BIG SIGH..........................


Good luck,



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That seems pretty reasonable Patty, I would say that we are around $700-800 per month as well. I do most of our shopping at Whole Foods and Trader Joes. I don't think there is too much I can do right now to change that, it's a given expense at this point. We are in the same boat here!

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