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Culture came back w/ UTI


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Hi TH,

The red ears and dark circles under the eyes rang bells for me, so I've just had a look through my Biomed stuff. The dark circles under the eyes can be be an indicator of ear infection...including sinuses, mouth, throat, nose, and main bronchi. Dairy products, wheat, chocolate, corn and soy are all implicated as allergens.


But also I found that signs of sensitivity to phenols include red ears and dark circles under the eyes - also: bed wetting, bloating, constipation, coughing, crying, dyslexia, exczema, hives, headache, hyperness, inattention, insomnia, irritability, mood swings, night walking, night sweats, rashes, red nose, reflux, runny nose, self-injury, tiredness...

High phenol foods include apples, bananas, chocolate, grapes, oranges and vanillin.

Dunno if this helps or complicates... Good luck sorting it out.

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You probably already know, but the UTI could be from a form of strep. Investigating the possibility of PANDAS for ds might be a good idea. If you're going to be there anyway, why not get Dr. L's opinion. She already mentioned it once. Good luck! Hope the kiddos feel better soon.

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