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So, we saw her pediatrician today- an appointment I made when Allie was doing so badly last week. He was very happy that I took her off lamictal and was supportive. He said to tell the psychiatrist that her pediatrician wants her off meds for awhile so we can determine what effect the immune treatment is having on her behavior. Is he a sweetheart, or what?


Then, he was all excited about sending us to a naturalpathic doctor here locally who has been treating his wife and young son. Apparently, this NPdoc was able to find klebsiella in the ped's wife's gut that was causing immune problems and identified a bunch of food sensitivity triggers that were causing joint inflammation and mood problems for her. They've tried standard medical approaches, but nobody helped until they went to this doc. Also the NP doc works with a rheumatologist. One of the great things here is that although the ped is planning on keeping Allie until she is 21, we've been unable to find supportive specialists, except for the immunologist (who was not initially supportive), and we need to look at who in the world will be able to treat Allie once she is an adult. So if this gets a rheumy on board for the future, that's great. The NP is not, I think, covered by insurance, but the ped says he will order all the labs this doc needs and consult with him after our initial visit. Again, thank-you God!

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Glad to hear she did fine going cold turkey. That gives me a lot of encouragement to take my DS off lamictal.


What dose was she on? My DS takes 50mg bid.

bid is twice/day? I had Allie down to 50mg 2x/day, so 100mg/day total. Looking back, it seems crazy how much ibuprofen/valium I was giving to treat what was (apparently, now)side effects of lamictal. Still, after reading medical and personal accounts of withdrawal from it, I should have had doc support. I did try to get that... *whew* I'm so glad there were no problems! And, it did help her when we started it (I think), so a sign of healing (I think) when its not needed anymore.

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