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Psychotherapy, CBT, ERP for anxieties/OCD


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While trying to get a handle on what triggered the recent onset of anxieties /OCD for my dd7 and exploring the PANDAS/Lyme angles, we are also exploring the therapy aspects such as CBT, ERP etc.. We want to understand how these work, how effective they are in general and what should we general expect.


Would appreciate all feedback (both negative and positive) on this




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My son does not have PANDAS but does have OCD co-morbid with his Tourette Syndrome.


CBT was very beneficial, but do be sure you "interview" the therapist first as one needs someone with caring and compassion and respect for the personality of the patient, rather than a more aurthoritarian "do it MY way" type of psychologist IMHO


There is info on CBT on the pinned thread above


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We've used both CBT and ERP for our DS, off and on, for many years now. He was diagnosed with OCD at age 6 and had a recent resurgence (we believe PANDAS) of OCD and general anxiety at the age of 12.


ERP is especially productive, but because it requires the child to actually face the fear/trigger, it can be tough in the beginning. It also requires that the parent(s) participate wholly and don't "egg on" the OCD by giving in to anxiety demands on the part of the child.


I would take a look at the International OCD Foundation website for some suggestions for practitioners in your area, and there are other resources such as the Chicago chapter of the Foundation which mounts "Expert Perspectives," really helpful, short papers by experts in the field, about OCD and how therapy assists. I would also highly suggest books by Dr. Aureen Wagner (she has some for both kids and parents -- "Up and Down the Worry Hill" is a great one for kids) which explain both OCD and ERP in a very easy, concise way. And, finally, for adults, taking a look at the research papers by Dr. Eric Storch from USF can be very informative and helpful, too. For instance, his team conducted a study about parental involvement/compliance in therapy and the outcome for the afflicated child.


Here are links to the IOCDF and the Chicago chapter's "Expert Perspectives" section:




Expert Perspectives


Good luck to you!

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