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Our appt with Dr L yesterday

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I can almost feel the relief and hope coming from your post. It is a wonderful feeling to finally feel like you are on the path to recovery and that there is someone else now on your team who actually knows more than you about your childs illness. How wonderful for your family. I can remember several years ago crying as we drove away from Dr. Murphy's office with my first PANDAS child. We had been to so many other doctors and been through years of illness with him. Then when we found her we had to wait several months to get in. I felt just like you when we left, as though I had taken this huge weight off my shoulders and placed it on her knowing all would be well. I am so happpy for you. Your daughter is so lucky to have you as a parent who will fight for her and not stop until she has the best care possible. This is a nightmare illness for parents and all to easy to give up and just listen to doctors who say this isn't real. You have been strong and it will be so rewarding for you in years to come.


I am now waiting to hear back from Dr. Murphy's office for an appointment date for my daughter who is seven and has recently developed PANDAS / PITAND. It will be a long trip, but I pray we end up with a good experience as well.


Can't wait to hear how things progress for you. Please keep us updated.


Blessings - Dedee

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I'm glad that your visit went so well. :) Sounds like you will have a very thorough workup & get some more definitive answers. And it seems you may get some answers even outside of PANDAS-PITAND behaviors. Hope there's lots of relief for your family soon.

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Hi TH,


I'm so glad your appointment went so well! Sometimes I wonder if a long journey to a well respected PANDAS doc is in our future. I've had a couple of appointments where at first the doctor seems understanding and somewhat knowledgable of PANDAS, but then makes comments here and there that show skeptisism and my heart sinks.


There's one thing that I found strikingly familiar in regards to your daughter's writing. My ds11 also has a margin shift in his writing. He would start writing in the middle of the page and then slowly move over from line to line until there was almost no room left to write. I thought it was OCD, however he said that he didn't know why he did it. So from Dr. L's comment, I'm assuming this isn't unusual to see in PANDAS kids writing?


-Vicky in NC

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I am so glad you had such an encouraging visit!


I well remember seeing Dr L for the first time with our daughter. After the appt. I walked into the parking lot and looked at my husband and as I told him then, and since--


I was so thankful, we had finally, finally after some terrifying months, we had found a doctor that was going to be able to help.


What a blessing.

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