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protein in urine of PANDAS daughter

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Just took my 14 year old daughter with PANDAS to the dr's for a sports physical. Everything was fine except she had protein in her urine. My NP said it could be orthostatic proteinuria which is not really uncommon in teens. Of course, my worried mommy brain goes straight to thinking I am causing kidney damage b/c of all the antibiotics. She is curently on Augmentin and zithromax and two weeks ago finished a month long steroid taper.


We are to do a first morning urine which I will try to get tomorrow so I can find out asap. If the first morning urine has protein in it, my NP said she would want my daughter seen by urology.


I am wondering if anyone has any thoughts? Anyone have a child with proteinuria?



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We never checked our son, but since we're starting to see a number of PANDAS kids in our office, we can start testing them and see! its a test we can run in the office, or since they end up going to the lab anyway, we can just add a simple urinalysis to find out. if there is any consistent positive, i'll let you all know!!


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I don't know if it's common, BUT I got a flash & Googled "strep in urine, protein."


I found this link: http://www.nmihi.com/s/strep-throat.htm In talking about strep throat, it says "Involvement of the kidneys may be accompanied by high blood pressure or fluid retention (edema) the presence of blood or high levels of protein in the urine." Interesting! (bolding mine)


This link http://www.doctorslounge.com/nephrology/forums/backup/topic-14769.html says "One of the most common reasons to have blood and protein in the urine is a condition called post-streptococcal glomerulonephritis. This is a condition where the kidneys are damaged by the antibody complexes that form in response to a strep infection of the skin or throat."


Here's more about it: http://www.livestrong.com/article/161901-acute-post-streptococcal-glomerulonephritis-in-children/


I think I'm going to throw another thank you out to the universe that our new ped happens to do pediatric nephrology. Will ask him about this at our next appt. Seems like there'd be more out there about this & that there's a high possibility the frequent urination that's the anecdotal symptom caused by the edema, eh?


Colleenrn, this should give you some resources to ask questions. Tho' orthostatic proteinuria could be there too. It also reminds me that I too had protein in my urine during a sports physical when I thought I'd run track my junior year of high school. The dr misread & told me I had diabetes & I broke down crying...the nurse corrected him. Hmmmmm. I ended up quitting track after a week...was too tired & chose speech team instead since there was no running...plus the whole "you have diabetes" trauma freaked me out & kinda ruined the mood. I never went to the dr growing up, so maybe I'd had strep...can't remember & coulda been asymptomatic since my son is. Wow.

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Thanks for all the responses. Good news!!!! Her first morning urine was negative for protein so our NP thinks it is orthostatic proteinuria and wants to check her again next year. I think I will have her rechecked sooner than that, but I am so relieved!


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