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Anyone have any experience with mold toxins?

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Hey guys -- I haven't posted in a while but I have had a couple things that I thought I would bounce off you guys. About a month ago my 5 year old started ticcing; which is right around the same age that my 8 year old started ticcing. The issue for me is that the 8 year old is adopted and the 5 year old is not, and we have no family history of any tic disorders on either side. We had basically chalked up Zack's issues to his unknown genetics but know believe that may not be the case. We found some mold in our basement and are having that removed right now. Has anyone had any experience with mold or thought that mold toxins or some other environmental toxin could be a cause or catalyst to any of your kids or family members tics? I also have a 6 year old that has had no tic issues to date. We had put all 3 of the kids on the feingold diet when the oldest developed his tics. Dietary changes have helped in the past but don't solve the problem. Supplements help but also don't solve the problem. There are signs that point to poor detoxification and lowered immune function -- but no matter what I have read or looked at I always feel like I am missing some key piece to this puzzle. Dairy free diet made no change, gluten free made no change however wheat does seem to be tolerated worse than say rye bread is. Anyway, thanks for reading and as always any input is appreciated.

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While your name is familiar, I'll admit to not remember much about your situation. One missing piece to the puzzle--potentially--for you to consider, if you haven't already, is lyme disease. Lyme is exacerbated by mold, will cause autoimmunity (such as food sensitivities) and lowered immune function, and much need for detox of heavy metals. Since lyme disease will get at a person at many levels, supplements do help but are not as healing or problem-solving for those with lyme as they are for those with simpler problems. Of course, mold in and of itself, could cause all of this. If you're having the mold remediation done well, and get the air measured for success following the mold removal, perhaps you'll have your answer on that soon enough, in terms of is it just the mold or something more going on.

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Like Chemar said, my family and I all were exposed to toxic mold in our former home. I have a unique perspective on what is going on with my children because I developed body movements at age 36 (after never having any health problems whatsoever). Now, if I am exposed to mold toxins, I will have body movements and my children will have tourettic flares at the same time. Our situation is unique in that over the years, because I will flare when they flare, I have an adult's perspective and deductive reasoning on what is causing the symptom---I even have my husband who will also start ticcing when he is exposed. An example can be if we all go to a restaurant that has had water damage. We can all come home and start having tic flares within an hour of exposure (some people might think it was something their child ate at the restaurant). If for example, one of my children were not with us at the restaurant, he or she will not have a tic flare while the rest of us suffer through what many here call a "waxing".


I was the first in my family to become ill from the mold exposure although at the time, I had no idea what it was. Chief among my myriad of symptoms was numbness and tingling, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia type pain and arthritis, memory loss, brain fog, etc., etc... Next, was my oldest daughter who developed motor and vocal tics, memory loss, frequent urination, word assimilation issues, tinnitus, floaters in her vision, slightly ashmatic, and on an on....next came my two other children, then my husband. We finally realized it was our home. Toxic mold infesting the attic. Our air handler was located here blowing the toxic mold throughout our home. First we thought we could clean it up, and we tried, but, for us, we were all so sick and the mold toxins were everywhere in our house, we just abandoned ship.


Our problem now is that because of our long term exposure to mold, we now suffer from chronic inflammatory immune response syndrome. Our ability to fight off toxins has been destroyed. We are in essence "primed". As we become exposed to toxins, it sets off a cascade of immune response that essentially turns on the autoimmunity, and in my children, turns on the tics. Don't get me wrong, we have come a VERY long way in terms of our health once we discovered the main culprit of our health problems. We are all on toxin binding medication to help keep our immune systems quiet. This medication has been a God send to us. The major remaining symptom are the tics and body movements, we have been able to keep them under control with toxin binding medication, supplements, going wheat free has been huge, but most importantly AVOIDANCE of mold.


Please PM me for more info. I have a lot of experience and information if you'd like it. I hope this helps and that you find your answers.

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