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Okay, we've talked about dogs and strep but how about cats and Myco P.


I was looking something up and came across that cats can carry Mycoplasma and transfer it to humans when their fecal matter becomes dry and the bacteria becomes airborne.


So, I suppose this leads me to ask those who have Myco P or persisting issues with an original trigger of Myco P is if they have a cat and if this has ever been suggested to you.

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I think its far more probably that you kid would get it from people - "walking pneumonia" "community acquired pneumonia" is very common.


Issue is more that our kids don't clear it..not that they are exposed to it. Its like strep, its everywhere. Its also a very common co-infection to other diseases, not just lyme (and I'd think that if you give your cat flea an tic treatments, they won't have lyme or mycop (from tics anyway). so, if your immune system isn't functioning properly(or if you have another infection), you are much more likely to get it, and have difficulty getting rid of it.


Not saying that you can't also get it from a cat . Can you get strep from dried up cat feces as well?

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I don't know. I was looking something up for a neighbor and stumbled on the Myco P thing. It said it's the same with pet rats (which is actually what I was looking up). I believe it did say your cat would show symptoms such as sneezing and perhaps it listed a yellowing of the eyes. I never had any pets either.


Can you get strep from dried up cat feces as well?

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