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We've tried so much to no avail


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Hi Kim



Thanks for the heads up, but my son was not taking clonidine. Also, the meds were fairly new and low dose (tenex and topamax). Tenex is similar to clonidine, so I will research a bit more, just in case. I am a bit nervous about making this decision, but also optimistic. It has now been 4 days and all his issues are much better. It has actually been the only time in the past 2.5 weeks that he didn't have a headache and nausea. I feel terrible about putting him through this. He has been getting more and more resistant to taking his supplements and meds. I kept insisting, thinking that his objections were to having to swallow so many (and large) capsules. In hindsight, I should have listened between the lines. I did try to ask specific questions, but he was also non responsive to questions. That has improved as well.


Good luck with your own son's elimination of clonidine. What supplements have you found helpful. (Sorry if it's posted somewhere already. My brain is overloaded right now!)


Thanks again for the caring suggestion.

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