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How many here have Autism in addition to PANDAS?

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My ds 8 had multiple diagnosis prior to PANDAS, 1)sensory dysfunction 2)anxiety disorder 3)speech delay 4)ADD 5)allergies 5)chronic constipation, these are all comorbidities of autism, he just didn't meet the very specific criteria for autism. There is a belief in the world of alternative autism research that infection and immune system dysfunction are among the possible causes of autism so PANDAS fits right in there being an organic cause for behavioral symptoms. Would love to fast forward 20-30yrs to see what the research has revealed about all the above disorders!! For now, just have to plod along as best we can and follow our instincts as to the best treatments!

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Not here, ALTHOUGH, my son displayed autistic behaviors during his really horrible acute illness, with sudden refusal to make eye contact, couldn't do anything but watch t.v., echolalia, wouldn't respond to questions, severe hyperactivity where he could only run from room to room- couldn't walk or stand still. It cleared up quickly too.



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My son was perfectly normal until the age of five years old. He got pandas and looks autistic. Before we got a diagnosis of pandas, we went to so many specialist. They all said that what he has may look like autism but it is not autism. Five year olds do not get autism.

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