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Myco igg is coming down from 660ish to 348…..still above normal 320

Vit d came into normal range at 42.8 range 32-100 used to always be in 20s(treating with vit d3)

The calcitraiol d is high 98 range 10-75

Cd57 is 16


Igg sub classes… score range

Serum qn serum 741 698-1560

Sub1 437 456-938

Sub2 127 163-513

Sub3 26 26-113

Sub4 2 1-121


So even the normal are low


But here is the weird thing..

On the sterp pneumo…

Draw 5/17/10 he fails 21 out of 24

Draw 8/20/10 he fails 13 out of 14

I didnt want them to but redrew 1/19/11

Passed 12 out of 14??????

Now the first 2 were with quest…this one was with Labcorp the first 2 were with Quest…

The first 2 say standard of 2.0 mcg/ml to pass..and they were well below

Lacorps..says standard of .35 ug/ml to pass..what is difference between ug and mcg…and if you were to keep it at 2…like the first 2 tests…he would have still failed 12…..

Does this mean hes getting better…better at fighting strep?

Is this because hes been on azith pretty regularly since Sept..

Is it because Im treating lymes on my own with herbs the body is doing a better job to fight…

Or is the test flawed or scale wrong and should redraw with quest?


Will treating lymes also raise his iggs?

Does this mean he is not eligible for ivig any more?


he is definielty better than he was in May and some better than august


seeing llmd what should i ask about



cyst busters

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