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Mono and monolaurin


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ds8 is still ticcing 4 weeks post pos mono test..

i am expecting too much to have it be gone right?

all the docs said no rough housing or sports for 6 or was it 8 weeks...


back story...11/11/10 pos strep...still thought him non-pandas..

12/17 thows up...12/21 think i see tic..12/22 get abx and start as per wonderful support here.

9 days later no tics..

3 days later tics start back...take in has ear infection12/31...3 days later 1/3/11 glands like lemons pos mono


so...just need support in that i am expecting the moon...

oh ..ps threw up yesterday all day...someone cut me abreak!!


2nd anyone use monolaurin to treat viures, inflamation..dosages..ds 8 is 60lbs


3rd anyone deal with mono as an exasperation and what was the time line for remittance...

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I think I have concluded that mono was our trigger for both kids. Our youngest son 8 (no PANDAS diagnosis at the time) started some tics Jan 2010 - first sign of PANDAS - no sick symptoms at the time (ie. sore throat, etc). We took him for step and mono test. Strep was neg but mono was positive. We started him on 500 mg twice a day of keflex after seeing tics for about 4 days and tics stopped in 3 days. We continued keflex for a full 30 days and then stopped. Since then, we have seen 2 other flare up of tics, but we start keflex immediately (same day) and tics stop in a day or 2. He is the easy one. Older brother had undiagnosed PANDAS for approx 6 years (I think mono started it all) and we are still trying to heal ... So yes, IMO mono can be a trigger ... We have one fast recovery and one that we are still working on with major ups and downs all the time ...

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Why keflex - not sure why our ped uses keflex instead of amox, zithromax, aug, etc ... that is the abx of choice for our ped when treating PANDAS. Maybe she feels is it gentler on the digestive tract. I think our son weighed approx 70 pound a year ago when he was 8 - he is very tall for his age.

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I agree with you - mono is a virus so abx should not make a difference. I have no answers. I look at it from the standpoint that the abx were not to treat mono since it is a virus, but the abx were used to do something to the immune system to stop the PANDAS/PITAND reaction. I just know it worked to stop the tics and we don't have ongoing PANDAS/PITAND symptoms with this child like we have with our older son who was not diagnosed for about 7 to 8 years following first symptoms.

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