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going back to see Dr.k


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We are going back to see Dr.k in Feb

our dd did so awesome with the first IVIG

about the same time last year and then she caught something

in September and has not been back to 100% at all

I pray that this will be the last time we will need to do this

But she did so great with the first one that our hope is

that she just needs this final push to put her back on top

for good.


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I HOPE so for you.

Is she on antibiotics and other immune supports in the meantime?

Yes,she has been on zith for a year.

and everything thing that you can think of to help with her immune system

but nothing of that sort works.

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I am so sorry you are seeing a regression.


I would suggest seeing our LLMD in Denver (I believe you already have his name) and give him a six month trial before flying back for another IVIG. He is definitely alternative and uses ART, which can feel very "out there" for some people, but he can easily figure out any potential bacterias/viruses/parasites that your daughter may be fighting and by getting rid of all of the infections, maybe your daughter will not need a second IVIG.


Just a thought since you are already in Colorado.



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