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Hey Claire:


Thick skin here...never worry about offending...all of our hearts are in the right place! Debates are wonderful and that is where knowledge comes from and well choices are made. Re. carrots w/ beta carotene. Carrots provide both beta C and vitamin A. Everyone worries about vitamin A. But carrots provide the pro-viatmin A which the body turns into vit. A. The excess pro vit. A is stored within the skins tissues hence the color. I also read that the color will disappate over the course of juicing. FOr my husband this is true. After 3or 4 months of juicing he lost his color...he actually misses it..(so do I -but keep that between us girls). I am thinking about trying the coconut oil, I think I'll try it myself prior to starting him on it. Yes, I'll be the guinea pig. Thanks for the info! Gotta go to work now!



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Two amino acid questions for anyone that has an opinion.


1. My 10 year old has had tics for 2 years and is now on a vitamin regiment that I slowly built up over time. When I introduced Taurine, a few days later it seemed that his tics got worse. I immediately stopped that Taurine(twinlabs capsules 500mg) but still do not know if this was coincidence or related to the Taurine.

Has anyone seen a negative affect from Taurine? Is TWINLAB make a good taurine product and is the dose correct? Should I try again?


2. My son gets cold sores on his lips occassionally, as do I, and I give him Lysine as a treatment. Lysine is also and amino acid and I wonder if that falls into the category mentioned above of amino acids that can exaserbate tics or not?


Thanks for any feedback you may have in advance.



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I have had a bottle of taurine sitting in my cupboard for about 3 weeks. I have been afraid to use it since I am not doing this under the supervision of a Dr. currently. I will be interested in others opinions on this also.


I have been reading the discussion on the protein supplements on the other thread, and am wondering if taurine levels will be boosted with that kind of a supplement. I think I read where taurine is an animal protein, and my youngest son eates no meat what so ever. His only source of protein is about 11/2 table spoons of peanut butter per day, and what ever he gets from dairy; cheese, yougart, milk.

I think taurine can come from another source also (vegtable protein, Is there such a thing?) I think I would rather use protein powder than taurine supp. if it would do double duty.


I know Bonnie Grimaldi recommends Mag taurate during periods of waxing tics. I'm wondering if increased amounts of Magnesium needed to be taken along with taurine.



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