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Need info on threelac

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Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone has had success with the threelac product and how long you tried it for. Did it get rid of the candida altogether and did it have any effect on tics, good or bad?

I have been looking at testimonials, but I'm not sure if they are real as they seem to come from people who have a vested interest in selling the product.


If anyone knows any info I would be most grateful.


Clare :unsure:

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Heather had awesome success--you should PM her, she is too busy to read/post lately.


I use it myself in spurts, but I have never measured my results. Very tough to tell for sure, but I think it may help.


I was unable to find yeast studies, but found these below which are encouraging, since allergies can be related to yeast.





It does contain brewers yeast, which someone said their child was allergic to.



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If you do PM Heather, would you please post the information here? I am interested in this product also, and I know there are some other "new" people here interested in yeast issues too. I read what you did, and it sure sounded positive, and a lot less of a hassle than the nystatin, with the strict diet restrictions.






PS I read the links Claire posted and then searched some more on Pub Med and it looks like a lot of studies have been done on the effects of antibiotics on candida colonization in the intestine, at least in mice. I wonder why this condition is not really recognized in the general medical community.

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Ausclare, I tried the Threelac for my 10 year old. I did notice an incrase in tics after the 7th day. It may have been from something else but I decided to wait and try it again when he is out of school this summer.


The increase was minor (more blinking and mouth stretching) but I did not want things getting worse. The taste is pretty good. My son had not problem taking it!!


Let us know if you see any increase. I will post again when we try it this summer.


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Thanks everyone for your replies,


I think I might give it a go. but I'll have to ask Heather where to get it,


I always have yeast problems after Easter due to the copious amounts of hot cross buns I am ashamed to say I indulge in!

1 month of bliss 11 months of trying to fix it!

This year I felt it also affected one of my sons who has as much self control as me!


I thought we had both developed severe candida symptoms without the thrush, they included being fog headed, tired, wanting to sleep all the time, unable to motivate to do the smallest task, cramping windy stomachs, teary and at times rages for no apparent reason.


No. 2 son also had a few vocal tics, he hasn't had any tics for at least 6 months, his behaviour was shocking and a couple of times had to be removed from the rest of the family to his room because he was trying to tease and upset as many people as possible. Then he would fly into rages.


Previous to this he had also had an ongoing dry cough for the last couple of months (since we moved house) which turned into a chest infection last week with a wheeze requiring antibiotics, he was put on prednisolone and antihistimine, because the specialist said the dry cough was an allergy response.

Obviously from the above we have not been following the failsafe diet.


The candida symptoms have been going on for a good 3 weeks, but this week I started to feel like my old self with the tiredness lifting and his cough starting to resolve.


Then someone told me that the universal energies were vibrating at a higher rate in the last month which has something to do with the equinox and the coming eclipse. This person told me that there were a lot of sensitive people that were experiencing breathing problems and lethargy and that this was due to start lifting from the start of this week with the whole process being over on the weekend.


Has anyone else had this problem? I probably shouldn't be posting this question on this thread, but I will edit it later if it offends.


I had asked a lot of my friends and they had all been complaining about the lethargy and tearyness, and that their childrens behaviour was causing conflict where before there had been none. Maybe this is only affecting our side of the world?


Or maybe the buns have addled my brain!

Can't wait for your replies.

Clare :unsure:

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Guest Guest_Heather

Hello Ausclare and Kim,


Thanks Claire for bumping up my post on the Threelac. You are right in that I have been extremely busy lately with work and just haven't had time to post but I do check in periodically to read. Will is still doing very well so the reading just isn't a priority for me anymore, although I am still there is still sure a lot I need to learn and I am always happy to answer any questions on my own experience.


The Threelac has proven extremely effective for us. Although I have had no formal tests done for yeast, the symptoms that we have experienced due to yeast have disappeared with use of the Threelac (rashes, tics, drooling in sleep, tingling fingers and toes, itchy butt, etc.) With the electra dermal testing (metal probe testing) that was done at my naturopath's, it showed the yeast to have come back twice...I believe this was due to not getting rid of all of the metals (aluminum, mercury) as well as adding to much sugar back into the diet.


Regardless, the Threelac has proven to take away these symptoms. When first taking it there are definitely die off symptoms (tics worsened, and face rashes around the mouth). This was starting with only a pinch of powder. However, with time and patience the symptoms went away. I just have to be more diligent about watching for the return of yeast and also work on cleaning up the metals totally.


I am at school right now and have to run to class but let me know if there are any other questions regarding the Threelac.



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