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Need help reading blood test results please :)

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Just wondering if anyone can tell me if this looks like P.A.N.D.A.S.

12 year old son- Tourettic Tics, OCD , Severe anxiety (especially at night), Intrusive thoughts.

The doctor did the test below and we will see him again, but I have the results of some of the bloodwork and wanted to see if any of you had similar results and if I should have any other test run? He had his ASO titers checked also a couple of months ago and the were high as well 360.


low TSH, high T-4, suggest testing for thyroid antibodies and repeating this lab in 3 months.


Anti-DNAse-B- 425(high) Normal is (0-170)


Ammonia 59 (high) <=47


Vitamin D- Low Normal


SP-Epstein-Barr Virus Antibody Panel I- Previous Infection-

EBV VCA IgG 4.16

EBV VCA IgM 0.13

EBV NA IgG 0.71

EBV EA IgG 0.29


Carnitine, Free 34- Low Normal 22-63


Immunoglobulin G Subclasses Panel-Spectrum low total IgG


Mycoplasma pneumoniae Ab IgG - No Results Yet

Mycoplasma pneumoniae Ab IgM - No Results Yet

Chlamydia pneumoniae Ab IgG - No Results Yet

Chlamydia pneumoniae Ab IgM- No Results Yet



SP-CBC with Diff- Normal

Comprehensive Metabolic Panel- Normal

SP-T3 - Normal

SP-Immunoglobulins, Quantitative -Normal

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