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“The Health Effects of Electromagnetic Fields”

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This popped up on my fb today. I know it's been discussed here before, but not in quite awhile so I thought I'd reopen the discussion for those that weren't on here the first time around.I have not watched the videos. Overall, things like wireless routers, cordless phones, cell phones, etc do run a chance in causing issues like rages and worsening tics. It doesn't hurt to do a "test" and unplug things that may be transmitting electromagnetic waves and radiation and see if it helps your child.


The Health Effects of Electromagnetic Fields


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As someone who has had so many rages and other serious memory problems from these things, I just want to second the idea for people to give this a try and see what happens. The thing is, now, it is getting harder and harder to do a real experiment these days. These wireless things are just spiraling out of control everywhere.


For example, don't forget that laptops have an on/off switch or button to enable use of a wireless router. Even if you turn the wireless router off, the laptop will still, every few seconds, send out a wireless signal, unless you turn the laptop switch off. And home security systems, more and more public buildings these days, on and on...

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This is a new report out from the Council of Europe calling for the banning of wifi and cellphones in schools.


I put magnets on my child's head and he calmed down for about 24 hours.


I will keep you posted. We are also planning on getting a device to reduce waves in the house.

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