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Do Cunningham Results Affect Whether a Child Can Get IVIG or PEX?

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We are about to have the Cunningham test done for our son. The next step in his recovery seems to be high-dose steroids, IVIG, or PEX. I was wondering if others had trouble getting doctors to consider these procedures if their child tests normal on the Cunningham test? I am a little afraid my son will test normal, only because he is not currently in a full exasperation.

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I think we have all worried, as we sent the styrofoam package back to Oklahoma, what if my child isn't "sick enough"? On the other hand, if you "missed that peak window", it's almost incomprehensible to think you'd ever wait until they got that sick again to do the test then. So you do the test and keep your fingers crossed that the test supports what you feel in your gut.


I don't know the answer to your question. I don't know if any of the doctors "require" a Cunningham test before considering an aggressive treatment. But I'd recommend calling the doctor you're considering for treatment and get their take on it.

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