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Feedback on neurofeedback

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Looking for some feedback(both positive and negative) on neurofeedback for my dd's anxiety/OCD/defiance issues.


Also, if you have any recommendations for good neurofeedback centers in California (Bay Area), please let me know (or you can PM me)





This is only my own experience with my son17 who had 20+ neurofeedback sessions when he was around 10 yrs old.

I was told that one needs to stick with it for at least 20 sessions to really see impact so even though I did not see any improvement during those sessions I stayed with it. The verdict is that it did not work for my son's adhd/ocd and was complete wasting of resources and time.---I drove him to Phd dr's office after school(1hr driving back and forth+waiting )plus a 45 mins session.($$$) Having said that, all pandas kids are different ( this everyone will agree) so there is no one fit treatment for everyone.( example--my son is doing fantastic after IVIG but some kids do not)

best wishes

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