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Cunningham results

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We just recently had the Cunningham test done as well. Our 8 year old came in at 170, with her anti dopamine levels at 4000 as well. If you look at those levels, you'll see that they are 4 times normal (I believe your results are the same here). This alone is proof that their behavior is related to chemical inbalance in their brain. Your results are positive, as far as I can see.


To add to our frustration, once we gave these results to her pediatrician, she dismissed them (along with so much other "proof" we have here - lyme, mycomplasma, strep infections/tonsillectomy...) as research testing.


The frustration level we all have as parents as so similar. We KNOW what is going on with our kids. We are fighting an uphill battle. Even the docs in the loop argue about treatment. We are told many different things at different times, and our kids are suffering all the while.


I, FOR ONE, AM GETTING PRETTY SICKENED BY ALL OF THIS. And, something tells me I'm not alone in that regard.


Good luck to you and your child.


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