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Band 41 - Bacteria with Flagella

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Thanks, this was very helpful. When I read Cure Unknown last spring, it was before I knew it was in my family. I need to re-read with fresh eyes, but haven't made the time to do so.


For those who've been secretly crossing your fingers for us, we just picked up a script for zith for DD. In a week, we'll discuss adding a second abx and do a month trial of lyme protocol. Praying it helps, as the OCD fairies have made this past week pretty rough. I miss my bubbly daughter. Hopefully this brings her back. (otherwise I'm going to have to find some other lunatic fringe forums looking for answers and after two years of knowing you guys, I'd hate to have to start over breaking in a new family :wub: )

I read cure unknown cover to cover twice and each time it was like I was reading a different book b/c I got different things out of it. The first time was right after my son's diagnosis and the second time was about 9 months later. It is so packed with info that unless you are in the thick of it you might not catch all the details.

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