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Has anybody tried natural antimicrobials like GSE (Grapefruit Seed Ext

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My daughter is currently off antibiotics right now and we will be using natural antibiotics for the next 6 months until we feel like her immune system is stronger. As a side note, she was on aggressive antibiotics for lyme, mycoplasma, strep and babesia for the last 10 months and for 6 weeks of this time, she was on 3 antibiotics at once.


So, my daughter weighs 75 pounds and she is now on olive leaf extract, grapefruit seed extract, meso silver and noni as natural antibiotics. The meso silver is very controversial and we only plan on using it for a couple of months. The noni is supposed to be a great herbal supplement that is also an antimicrobial and we are using it as a prevention for mycoplasma.


Hope this helps. There are many other natural antibiotics out there that can be just as beneficial.



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