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Any thoughts on Strep pneumonia?

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Joan, my mom had it and in the hospital she was given iv zosyn. She was sent home on augmentin so that may be the oral equivalent. I know that there is an antibiotic that is becoming resistant to strep pneu. especially out east. I am pretty sure it is zithromax. Does this non pandas have any symptoms? Any issues whatsoever?

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Hi. Thanks for this, I am in the East. He had a cold, with a cough and slight sore throat about 2 weeks ago. The sore throat went away in a day so i dismissed it because he said he started to feel better. He has had an ongoing cough on and off for about 3 months now (he is 20 and a smoker). He had elevated titers then too. He was on Biaxin for 10 days then, but if it is that strain resistant to zithro then the Biaxin didn't do any good. He could have had this all that time. He suffers from depression, but no OCD at all. From now on, I am going to take my fam. in for cultures with any slight anything.

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