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Insurance company claims they do have a PANDAS dr in network


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Okay, my ds and dd see dr L and my ds has also had a consult with Dr B. Insurance will not pay for either one. We are trying to appeal. We are basing it on not having PANDAS dr's in our local network....that they should approve care with dr B because he is in network for national coverage when we are traveling out of our local area. However the insurance has identified a dr with the medical college of virgina that treats PANDAS. I have no illusions that we would use this dr instead of Dr L or Dr B. However, in order to pursue the appeal I need to investigate this other dr. My question is what do you ask? Do just call the office and ask what his treatment approach is for treating PANDAS??? Feel free to send a PM if you want the dr's name. Also....has anyone seen a dr at medical college of Virginia? Thanks in advance!!!


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