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IVIG-2 day treatment vs 1 long IV

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I am taking my son in for his 2nd HD IVIG tomorrow.


Last time we did the 1.5 split over 2 days. It got rid of the tics but he has had a really hard time behaviorally

and not been feeling great. Really hard to function at school. Tantrums etc.


I was wondering if anyone is ramping the kids up from the 1 gram/kg to 1.5 gram/kg slowly in a single IV over a couple of months. (till they adjust to the 1.5)


My son did beautiful on the 1 gram/kg monthly for a year and change but it stopped working last summer and his symptoms came back.

We did HD in October and it seemed too strong.


I was hoping to do a 1.2 or 1.3g/kg in one long IV (8 hours)- and see if its easier on his sensitive system.

I also open to doing the 1.2 IV over 2 days.


Having trouble deciding what to do.

His immunologist does the same protocol for everyone 1.5 over 2 days every 2 months.

His Dan Dr said it doesnt matter if its one long IV or over 2 days.


I think my kid is too sensitive. I don't want to throw away the whole school year if there is a gentler way to achieve the same thing.

Any input or names of Drs who treat more sensitive kids appreciated.

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