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Looking for a dose of Omega-3 for an 11 year old. Was told by sales lady that the dose I was buying was for a 3 or 4 year old. Of course that was the only kind that he somewhat liked! Looking for something that taste decent and is a strong enough dose. Have also tried a junior capsule, but it was too big for him to swallow.



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I give my 7 year old Carlson Kids fish oil. It's a liquid. My son is very picky. He also tried Dr Sears DHA chews. he doesn't like them as much but will take them if we run out of the fish oil.Perhaps someone else can suggest a smaller capsule to swallow for your son so he won't have to taste it at all!


If he likes the one you are currently giving, can you just increase it to two capsules/day?

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My 3 year old (30 lbs) was recommended to have at least 350 mg per day by Dr. Murphy . He takes a variety of things. Lil' Critters O3 gummy vitamins (only 36 mg per dose, but he likes them so he gets them at bedtime). There is a chewy candy (like a starburst) that he takes in the morning at 100 mg and he loves it (can't remember the name now, I'll look it up when I get home). I can get both of those things in the regular grocery store vitamin aisle.


As for the rest - he won't take any of the larger dose supplaments - we spent hundreds of $$$ trying various ones with no luck, so we've used his diet primarily.


We add flaxseed meal/oil to most of our cooking. Use the O3 fortified butters and milks. We found a cookie made by Voortman that has 750 mg per cookie for Oatmeal and 450 per cookie for the chocolate chip. He usually has one of those for breakfast every day and you can get them in the cookie aisle at your local grocery store.


On a normal day we try to get him more than the 350 mg, but by giving it to him in a variety of ways it can be tough to track exactly.


Hope this helps!

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I only give my 12yr old child Omapure IFOS certified pharmaceutical grade fish oil which sells for about 20 bucks for a bottle of 120 capsules. Until I got her on prophylactic antibiotics she was on a 7 gram EPA/DHA brain shake per day. Unless the fish oil you buy is IFOS certified you cannot know if it is pure from mercury and contains at least 60% EPA/DHA. I purchase Omapure in boxes of ten bottles for $20 per 120 capsules.


Most fish oil you buy including Dr. Sears (not Dr. Barry Sears from the OmegaRX) contains the sewer of the sea. Hate to say it, but it's true. Mercury and PCB's are not good for kids. Feds don't regulate it.


I personally take 7.5 grams of EPA/DHA molecularly distilled Omapure per day and have done so for two years. It is very good for PANDAS kids. Pick up a copy of Dr. BARRY Sears book OmegaRX and you will understand the science behind dosage etc. You can get used copies on Amazon for three dollars.

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