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Hi all.


DS9 is currently on 500 mg azith. I had thought to take advantage of this to run the Dot Blot provocation test.


Any thoughts on this? Is azith alone considered enpugh of a provocation? Also, the test protocols say to take on specific days after starting the provocation agent -- ie, days 2, 4 and 5 (just an example; I don't remember the exact days but they were low numbers).


However, he has been on the abx for 2 weeks now and will be on for at least a week more -- so I have already missed days 2, 4 and 5. I am assuming that that doesn't matter, and that as long as he has been on the abx for a while and we capture on multiple days, it will be okay....but I'd like to hear any thoughts from those who have gone through this and/or have more knowledge.


Am currently waiting for an LLMD appt...but I thought to take advantage of his currently being on abx to check the urine.



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Typically, a cyst buster is used in conjunction with multiple antibiotics for provocation..... something like Azithromycin/Omnicef/Tindamax. Urine is then taken days 3,5,7 after starting all three. Or least that is how we did the test. I do not feel Azithromycin alone would be enough for provocation. Also because your son has been on Azithromycin for several weeks the opportunity for immediately die-off is not there. Its best to take the bug by surprise from multiple angles to create die-off.


I would wait until you talk to the LLMD for further testing as they may prefer other labs and tests or perhaps more focused on initially looking for co-infections, CD57 or immune complexes. I know its hard to wait but once you get there I'm sure you'll have confidence in the direction you are heading.



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