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Attention deficit?

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My 8-year old son has had tics since last September. There has been some indication that he may be a PANDAS case. He is a very smart boy (dxed highly gifted), but he often puts minimal effort into his work at school. At home, if he is told very explicitly before an assignment that he is expected to focus on the assignment and do it well, he can deliver a good product. I am trying to understand if his behavior indicates an attention deficit condition, whether it is normal for an 8-year old boy to behave this way, or if he is bored with the assignments. Any thoughts or similar experiences?

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Hi--it's often hard to tell the difference between someone having a difficult time attending to task or being bored, etc. You might want to try some behavior incentive charts with him and see if that makes a difference. They can help kids stay on task. The goals should be inexpensive, or an activity they enjoy. There are some good ideas on www.freebehaviorcharts.com


I hope you have found additional ideas on this forum that can help your son's tics.


Best wishes, Sheila

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