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Lyme test Question


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Hi I am a member of the PANDAS forum. I thought I might post this here. I am thinking about getting my child tested for Lyme. Since the Elisa and Western Blot seem fraught with so many uncertainities, cant we go directly to the Lyme urine DNA test. The one that is supposed to be 90 some percent accurate ? Do you send that off to the Ignex lab ?





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You can request the test through Igenex and they will forward test kit. However, you would need a Dr. to prescribe proper antibiotics to essentially load them up to create die-off to spill into urine. In our case we used Azithromycin and Alinia. In other children Azithro/Alinia/Omnicef was used.


If your child has some suspicious results already I think a good LLMD would be able to help you figure all out.



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