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Can these dots be connected?

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I'm intrigued by the discussion of the BBB and if it's possible to heal once the offending agent/virus is elimnated? I thought I had seen articles posted on this forum a short while ago regarding oxidative stress, is anyone aware of its link?


Also, I find a lot of interesting research and information when searching "blood brain barrier and "oxidative stress" and "PANDAS"; neurological issues are discussed in relation. I'd include the links but you'll come up with plenty of your own when you search it. And I'm leary to post any links on here without understanding the material well, I'm just getting inklings and am curious what others know already! Has any one on here been looking into this? I'm certain there must have been, if so, can you please connect me to these threads?


My son is currently taking a herbal supplement that reduces free radicals and in turn oxidative stress, but we're only a few weeks into it. This herbal supplement claims to clear out free radicals and turn out our own body's mechanism to regenerate new cells - I'm curious if this would include the BBB.


I don't have any answers, just a lot of curiousities and wondering if more dots might be able to be connected,



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