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Vocal Tics - Humming

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Hi Dara,

We live in Massachusetts. I don't know of any books to recommend on all this except for the yeast book that Chemar recommends by Trowbridge(?)


You are the first person who I found who also has a child also diagnosed with an overgrowth of clostridia as well as yeast. I suspect that my son had these issues because he was prescribed so many antibiotics when he was little for ear infections. He was on a prophylactic dose for about 8 months. Did your son have a similar history?


Dr. Shaw at Great Plains Lab (where we did the Microbial Organic Acid Tests that showed these overgrowths) suspects that clostridia contributes to tics. He recommends taking a probiotic called Culturelle (Lactobacillicus GG) which you can find in many drugstores. I believe it is supposed to crowd out the clostridia bacteria by repopulating the digestive track with "good" bacteria. My son took Culturelle for over a year, but his clostridia didn't budge.


We had the most success with some homeopathic medicines which our environmental physician prescribed for him. Even though I was very skeptical about using these, I will say I am very impressed still. They completely eliminated the clostridia overgrowth and greatly diminished the yeast overgrowth. Some yeast overgrowth, as evidenced by later testing, still remained after he took the homeopathics for several months, but it was at a much lower level. The homeopathic remedies my son took were liquid drops of PleoForte (for the clostridia, I think), PleoAlb (for yeast), and PleoPef (also for yeast) all by a company called Sanum/Pleomorphic.


Since the yeast was still remaining, our doctor then prescribed drops of Oil of Oregano for 3 months. This is amazingly strong and bitter stuff and I had to put the drops in an empty capsule for each dose so that he'd taste nothing. I have not yet had him retested since he finished this, but I do feel concerned that since he has completed the prescription, the yeast may have returned, as I think I see a few more tics. They are all very mild.


Sorry this is so long, but I do think it's all important to tell you.

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Hi Phyl,


My son's Organic Acid Profile was done by the Great Plains Laboratory, Inc. I don't know if your son's test was done at the same place but two compounds listed under the 'Yeast/Fungal' catagory came back high.


The first compound was 'citramalic' which the normal range was from 0.0 - 2.0. My sons score 3.79. My doctor explained the elevated level as a yeast/funal overgrowth of the gastrointestinal tract.


The second compound was 'arabinose' which the normal range was from 0.0 - 47.0. Karl's score was 1934.9. This number was explained as a result of the Clostridia bacteria species including C. difficile (I think the 'C. difficile' is also a bacteria that can cause diarrhea).


Our doctor prescribed as you said the Culturelle Lactobacillus GG. One capsule per day which equals 30 billion cells. Our son has been taking the Culturelle since mid December.


As for the homeopathic remedies, we had Karl on the Pleo-Pef for a couple of months last summer when this whole thing started and didn't keep him on it long, because we didn't know what we were doing and just ran from doctor to doctor.



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My son got a real kick out of your message to him.


When I read your posts, I can just feel your pain. I was where you are once, only I had no hope like this board provides. I had only those same fears for my sons future, and wonderings if my other baby boy would have it too. Well sure enough.

BUT I wish I would have had someone tell me that what you see on TV "the most extreme cases" are not the norm. Even if that is the case, look how many suggestions and success stories there are between here and Braintalk. (Bonnies testimonials also.)


I see so many refrences to the similiarities between TS and Autism but I have not read of anyone talking about their kids being extraordinary. I think both of my boys have some pretty unusual traits that are really neat. My 12 year old knows how to wire a DVD to his stereo and hook that to surround sound and connect an alarm clock to the whole thing. He just knows things about wiring and is great with electronic gadgets. My 8 yr. old can name every chef, and cooking spices, and knows the name of knives and what they're used for. He can practically prepare any dinner better than I can. And he DOESN"T EAT. He loves the food channel. He also has quite a vocabulary. He seems to pick up on unusual words and he uses them. As others have said, this is not their life; just a part-that God willing we can help them live with or better yet live without.


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My four year old daughter start humming after a cold few week ago. It was on and off so I thought she is still recovering from the cold. But last night while she was watching TV, she started humming that was louder and went on for the duration of her TV program. She doesn't even know she is humming. I did not sleep last night. I think in general we have a healthy life style but we do eat a lot of dairy. I really appreciate all this good information here on this web site. I will try the no sugar and no dairy diet today and if things don't change, I will visit an environmental MD as suggested. Please share more data and updates if you think your loved one vocal tic is improving.

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Hi Jacky, welcome to the forums. How has your daughter been doing after starting no dairy and sugar? Any change at all? 

Any other association or change in her life that you can think of besides having a cold (that humming started after)?  Hopefully some answers will be forthcoming.  My son had tics (resolved) but humming was not one of them, so I am jumping in here but not able to give you a personal experience.

Please do let us know how things go.


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Her humming was almost gone (reduced to a less than a minute episode in an hour) immediately after the new diet. She doesn't have it during the day but at night (around 7 pm) we still here it just a bit specially if she had an eventful day. It seems the combination of Dairy, Sugar, and exhaustion/excitement can trigger the tic. I wonder if anyone else had experience anything similar.

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Jacky, for sure we hear about those specific items triggering tics. There are many such accounts on this forum. Also consider whether your little daughter is in her bedroom more at night around the time you describe, and whether that might be any clue -- lots of people find their kids react to a dusty room or bedding/mattress, or other issues in the bedroom.

How is she when she wakes up in the morning after a good rest?

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@jacky Hello, just wanted to see if you had an update on how your daughter is doing?   Did you find anything that helped?  I noticed my son started ticing back up recently with a humming or breathing tic and facials, we had never cut him off dairy or any natural sugars.

I hope to hear some positive new from your daughters situation.

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