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scarlet fever on abx

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Yes, it is possible,just like it is possible to get strep on antibiotics. What antibiotic is your child on and what dose? Maybe the antibiotic needs to be switched to a different antibiotic.


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Our dd was diagnosed with scarletina rash after being on augmentin (1440 mg, then 875mg)for almost 2 months. Our ped indicated that it was a possible strep release, that the abx had finally found strep somewhere in her system and the strep was being purged in the form of the rash. Dr K did not bat an eye at this when we explained it to him nor did he offer a different opinion. The ped ruled out an allergic rx to the abx and felt very confident that the rash was scarletina.


from Michigan

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Anyone know if it is possible to get this after months of daily abx??




Which antibiotic was it? Was it given just once a day?


IMO Azithromycin is the only effective once daily prophylaxis (and even this isn't fool-proof since there are Azith. resistant strains of strep in the East).


It seems pretty common for PANDAS kids to get strep (at least you hear about it on this forum) on once daily Augmentin or Amoxcillin....too short a half-life. And, Sue Swedo (in one of her lectures) said that Pen. MUST be given twice daily. If you miss a dose you are unprotected for days.


Also, remember that PANDAS kids don't seem to have a "normal" immune system against strep. They appear to get strep more often than regular kids. (This may be a chicken or the egg quesiton....perhaps it is that multiple strep infections that eventually "trigger" Pandas.)

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