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Igenex re-testing


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Hi all.


As I posted before, my DS9's Igenex results were inconclusive, so Igenex recommended retesting which I am about to do.


Any thoughts on repeating Basic Lyme or ordering Complete Lyme (includes PCR)? Also, any thoughts on CD 57?


His IGM: 31 and 41 were IND, 58 +

His IGG: 41 ++, 58 +


Also, can anyone recommend a good LLMD in Southern California?



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I don't know about the other questions (we didn't do Igenex), but our LLMD said that the CD57 is not as accurate in children as it is in adults (but he still tested the children, although they are 15 and almost 18, so that might be a difference, too.) That being said, it's probably covered by your insurance, and if you're trying to get more results, I would probably do it, only because if it's positive, it tells you a lot.

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I would hold out retesting until you see a good LLMD. They will help to draw the Lyme or co-infections out if its there. I suspect an LLMDs next move would be to do 'provocation' where they load them up with antibiotics and test urine or rerun the WB. They did this for my son and found the DNA in the urine. I can recommend two top LLMDs in the country that are located in the Bay Area if you are willing to travel. One of them discovered the CD57 test. The other you would have to see his MP or associate first and you could get appointment the next three weeks doing that but a scheduled appointment for him might take four months. They rotate Dr./MP in this practice and would need to be up here every 6 weeks in the beginning and you would see the LLMD every other visit. There are several of us in the bay area that see one or the other Dr.'s.


I'll p.m. you the names.

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