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Probiotic Recommendations for 10 yr old?


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Hi all,


What probiotic brands do you all recommend, and where to get them? My daughter is 10 yrs old and about 85 lbs. (She is one of the tallest in her class!) I saw on one thread where someone recommended the Kids Probiotic from CVS. (I am blanking on the brand-name now), so I was thinking about that one, but if anyone has better recommendations, please let me know, and why.


Also, how do you give it to your child? I have heard yogurt, but if I am at any point going to attempt to go dairy-free, then that wouldn't be an option right?


Thanks in advance!

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Hi Kat,


When we first met a dr. regarding our son's tics, a probiotic was a quick suggestion. He recommended a capsule form which we could open and mix into something.


When he started it I thought I noticed an increase in tics, so I laid off them pretty quickly. But I may very well have been imagining things (maybe a case of the "stare at something long enough and you'll see what you want to see" thing?).


Within the past month, however, we have begun to administer it a couple of time a week, with no adverse effect, and will probably increase that to every day based on some recent test results (an elevated level of bacteria in intestinal track).


Since my son doesn't take any dairy, we give the probiotic to him in a soy yogurt, which is ok for him. So he gets a good dose of probiotics with the yogurt/capsule combination. I can't remember the exact name of the soy yogurt we use, but they are not all equal; some have more things in them than need to be there. Be sure whatever probiotic you use is as "clean" as possible (I can't imagine that a cvs brand does not having a fair amount of some unnecessary artificials in it.)


Good luck



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I started my daughter on all of her supplements pretty much at the same time. We started with a pre/probiotic. I noticed however that when we ran out of them and didn't replace them right away, her tics seemed to decrease somewhat. I'd like to introduce them again -- for I think she has candida issues etc, but i was a bit scared to, since she is doing really well now.


But like Chris, perhaps i was just searching for a reason and blamed it on the probiotics. Perhaps it was because we had her on the other supplements for quite awhile by that time and they were starting to work. I am going to try them again and see what happens. I also want to try fish oil again.


Good luck!

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Our probiotic capsule: Ortho Biotic (Ortho Molecular Products).

Soy yogurt: Whole Soy & Co.


Honestly, HMF Forte by Genstra is the best probiotics you can buy. All natropaths suggest and use this brand themselves.

I open two caps and put it in my sons drink. it desolves completley with no chalky texture. But if he will swollow the caps that is even better.

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