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My son is 12 years old and suffers from ADHD. He has been using Ritalin for about 3 years now. Suffering from ADHD, Ritalin helped somewhat for his hyperactivity and improved his concentration abilities, but he was still struggling in school to get his marks up. I was really concerned about this, because I knew he was capable of more and I know about all the side effects that Ritalin poses. He was only barely passing some of his subjects and still failing most of the others. I felt that I just had to do something to help my child in this situation - so much potential, but unable to achieve it properly. When I went to pick up a prescription of Ritalin (and I always don't like doing this), I asked the pharmacist if he had any suggestions, other than Ritalin, that would help my son. He told me about a natural product Glutamag from a company called Natucor, which was specifically designed as a natural supplement to assist people suffering from ADHD and ADD. He suggested that I use it in addition to the Ritalin that my son is using and see how it goes.


Three weeks later, I not only noticed a considerable level of improvement in my son, but also got a call from his teacher who told me that my son's shown considerable improvement in class and in the quality of the work that he produced. It has been a year now since I visited my pharmacist that day. I waited this long to write about this, because I had to assure myself that Glutamag really worked. My son's marks in Mathematics have improved from an average of 45% to an average of 70%. My son is still using Ritalin, but in smaller dosages. Since he started using Glutamag as a supplement, he is achieving much closer to what we believe he is capable of.


There is more information available on this product on Natucor's website:




I sincerely hope that this will help you too!


Nic Faber

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Nic, I have put the ingredients below, for other readers. (I know you are aware of them.) I have written the company to find out if, when they say it has been proven to help ADHD, if there are studies on it, and where it is available. Are you in S Africa?


The ingredients are certainly good ones! Thanks -- Sheila



The three main ingredients of Glutamagâ„¢ are: L-Glutamine, Pyridoxine (Vitamin B6) and Magnesium which we will tell you more about now. L-Glutamine and Pyridoxine is naturally transformed by the body to provide Gamma Amino Butyric Acid (GABA) which provides energy to the body and promotes healthy bodily functions. While Magnesium plays an important role in various other ways in the body it also helps the body to utilize the Pyridoxine in Glutamagâ„¢. Glutamagâ„¢ has also proven very effective in people suffering from ADHD and ADD, when used as a dietary supplement.

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