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antibiotics while taking bonnies?

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my youngest daughter, no tics, has ear infections and possible strep. her throat swab came back neg. she has antibiotics for infections in ears. also doc thought she still may have/turn into strep, so since we are leaving for vacation tonight, the doctor went ahead and gave my 6 year old daughter a prescription for zithromax too...this is my daughter with tics. i told the doc that she has been running a low grade fever and feared her getting sick while out of town. IT IS ONLY A 5 DAY PRESCRIPTION, but i have been wondering if antibiotics might help her tics....so my questions are 1. will i be able to see any results after just 5 days, or would she need more time on antibiotics??? 2) also, can i continue to give her bonnie's supplements, or should i stop these while taking the zithro?? thanks!

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this really is something that Bonnie or the Bontech reps would need to answer to be sure...or maybe your doctor could look at the Bontech ingredients and advise you?


I dont think anything in Bontech would react adversely with azith but honestly do not know.


I did find this on the rx list http://www.rxlist.com/zithromax-drug.htm

Aluminum- and magnesium-containing antacids reduce the peak serum levels (rate) but not the AUC (extent) of azithromycin (500 mg) absorption.


so not sure what that means in terms of the magnesium in the supps

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