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probiotics -- why is more better

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i posted over on pandas but know many over here are proponents of probiotics too --


i was wondering about changing probiotics and it seems the more i look to research, the more i find.


my son has been on 8 billion , which i had thought was pretty good until reading some of the doses on here.


what about particular species and cultures? i believe he's what he's been taking (dr recommended) is generally thought to be good for balancing for immune health -- i can't remember the name but it's the exact same as pharmax, which he took previously.


any help?

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We do a multiple strain probiotic that is purchased from Custom Probiotics. http://www.customprobiotics.com/custom-probiotics-11-strain.htm


Our children take more than a trillion units per day and we work with a Nutrionist on that amount. We are aggressive in the amounts to try and rectify the gut flora/immunity so future illnesses are not a weight on their system and they can deal with them. My kids were handed this at birth so we've got a long way to go thanks to the deterioration from existing bacteria's. Along with that we take hd B-12 (nerve damage), hd Bentonite (detox)....... with many other homeopathic support suppliments.


Here is a great article discussing the benefits of probiotics:




After we did stool samples on two of the kids, we discover that our oldest son still lacks in some areas of good bacteria and most others were only in the 20% range while our younger daughter was in the 20% to 30% or higher on all her good bacteria's. We will redo these test in a year looking for further improvement.

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My children are both on 500 billion units of probiotics a day. Our nutritionist (whose whole premise is gut health) feels that they will be on this level for 1 1/2 more years and then she believes that they will not need any probiotics at all because the ultimate goal is a perfect balance between the good and the bad bacteria. At this perfect balance, a person should have consistently normal PH levels in the body.



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