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sorry not to have been here earlier


yes, some kids do have photosensitive induced tics. I dont know that 3D per say has been discussed here tho.


My son always tics more after the cinema, 3D or not. Combo of the flashing screen in dark room plus all the perfumes and cleaning chemicals in the theater, plus the audio/bass to which he has always shown hypersensitivity as part of his sensory processing symptoms




overall, my son very seldom goes to the movies and when he does, he knows that it will likely trigger a period of tic waxing.


dont forget an epsom bath as soon as possible after he gets home.......hope he is one of the many who do NOT react to the movies that way and that all will be well :)

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Thanks so much for the quick reply. We have taken him to the movies once before with no issues, but it wasn't 3D. So, when my husband mentioned 3D, I started to panic, I thought -- this is not something I remember reading ANYTHING about. Since he is already in a waxing period, I didn't want to perpetuate anything.


So, hubby drove to a theater 20 minutes further that was showing the movie in digital, but not 3D. I figured better safe then sorry.


I'll probably have the bath ready for him anyway when he gets back, just in case regular movies while waxing don't mix! :)


Thanks again, hope you are having a nice weekend.



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We avoid 3D movies because something about the glasses you have to wear triggers my son's head shaking....same with a hat, hood, bike helmet. He shakes with anything comes in contact with his head. Overall, movies make him more active - cant sit still, moving around etc. We still go because he does not complain about the tics bothering him and he really likes to go to the movies - we just avoid the 3D versions.

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We took our daughter to see a 3D movie on the weekend. She has been pretty much tic free for a bit now. The movie started up and she started throwing her back against the seat over and over. Kind of freaked me out.

Thankfully it seemed to be gone the next day.

I won't be doing a 3D movie again anytime soon.

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