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Hello everyone,

I keep reading about Mag/Taurate supplements on the forum. But I can't find any for children at any of my local Whole Foods/Nutrition stores. Any information as to where they can be purchased? And why are they deemed so necessary for kids with TS? My son, age 7, is not on meds of any kind although his tics are getting pretty hard to manage. So far we just have an over the counter multi-vitamin sans colors and sugars. Would like some feedback if you have experience here. Thanks.


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You can get the Magnesium Taurate (made by Cardiovascular Research) at the Vitamine Shoppe either online at vitaminshoppe.com or if your lucky enough to have the store near by you can get them off the shelf. Each capsule is 125 mg. of Magnesium Taurate


Another one I found there but have not tried is Shpilkes by Ecological Formulas and it has per 2 caplets:


100mg - Calcium Taurate

50 mg - Magnesium Taurate

200 mcg - Co Enzyme B12 (cobomamide)


I havent tried becasue right now I give my son Mag 250mg / Cal 500mg. It would be to many pills for him to take to add up to that.



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