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Looking for therapist, ERP

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Some psychologists take insurance. The issue is finding a decent one. I started by contacting my insurance via mental health benefits. There's a whole different phone number and website for it. I then got on the phone, called around, threw the word PANDAS out to see what the reaction was and chose one from there. I called numerous offices and ruled many out within the first couple minutes of the phone call.In person, the first one was awful. The second one was good. It's time consuming but needs to be done. Have you read any books on OCD? That helped me understand my son better and help him overcome what was remaining.


Side note...a couple months after therapy, I got something from insurance in the mail to sign stating that they could have access to my son's psych med files. I was not comfortable with that. I did not sign, did not return. It did not affect civerage by declining them that access.


You can also contact your ped. Some have therapsist in the same office setting and they can bill you different.

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