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bentonite clay

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i've read past posts and for some reason, i just can't seem to get it. . . betonite clay should be taken 2 hours after abx or supps -- yes? is that 2 hours on either side? med -- 2 hours -- clay-- 2 hours -- med? is that right? all supps too? so, you need at least a 4 hour time frame between anything, right?


does that go for eating as well? if you don't have that time between eating, does it absorb the nutrients in the food?


is everyone who's doing it doing high doses like sfmom or is it effective in just the TBSP too?



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I give my children 1/3 cup of bentonite clay with their probiotics before bedtime. We see the same nutritionist as SF Mom and she describes the bentonite clay as being like a magnet that is only drawn to metal. So, she makes the analogy with bentonite in terms of it only taking the toxins and not the good bacteria and nutrients. I only tried to separate the bentonite from the antibiotics, a few hours either way.



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