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I won't be posting for a bit...


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Hi all,


I know every once in a while I say this and I don't always mean it..:)


But I have a lot going on and won't be able to post, so please don't worry if I don't respond to posts. Sometimes I come back just because I feel 'rude', but I really need to spend time on work.


Good luck to all in the meantime.





By the way, my son's cough seems to finally be gone, yippee!

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I just had to add as well how much I personally have appreciated your insight and advise over the last few months. I am trying to find a few minutes to update my thread and to add to the food sensitivity thread but seem to be chronically exhausted - I think somehow I am coming off some adrenalin rush of the last few 5 months and now that things seem to be so much on the upswing I am more exhausted than ever. I am also spending so much time now baking etc with the new food allergies that we have become aware of. I also have a house that has been neglected for months as any free moment had been spent searching for answers for my son. He continues to do amazing - we had a subtle increase with CRT exposure, with a cold and with the lights on in his classroom when a supply teacher was there. These increased were in no way debilitation and other's would probably not have noticed them. The teacher this week told me he is even more improved this week than last, she continues to be amazed as are we - we did get the results back from my middle son - he has even more sensitivities than my older son - it actually explains a lot to us in terms of what a challenging baby he was - and the many months of searching for answers on stomach upset as a toddler, including doing a barium swallow. It is too lengthy to go into now but looking back with that 20/20 hindsight - I can say many of these problems were probably caused by milk. I am hoping that now that he is off the offending foods he will develop a healthy appetite the way my eldest has.


Anyway - again I am exhausted so will sign off, but had to thank you Claire and others for all the support and incredibly life changing info that has been provided on this forum. I continue to check in a few times a day and look forward to the updates. Hope Marie and Marina are both finding some continued success.

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Dear Claire

Again thank you for all your help to everyone on this site.

You are such a motivator and valued support.

Matt continues to do great.

We started testing screens last Wednesday.

So far NO neck tics and only very limited blinking(only noticable to his father & I).

Wednesday 1Hr on laptop. No tics

Thursday Didn't want to use computer because so absorbed in his book!

Now that's amazing! No tics

Friday 1.5Hrs on laptop. No tics

Saturday 1.5 Hrs on normal TV watching a movie in dark room.

Blinking during film obvious. stopped soon afterwards.

No tics at the morning basketball game under lights

Sunday 2 Hrs on laptop. No tics

Monday Some blinking after school when tired which stopped

Latter 1 Hr laptop session No tics.

So far Matt's time on the lap top has been limited to reading & typing. NO games.


He continues to do his neck exercises but not as often. He says they help when he feels a little different. Mainly he describes a heaviness in his eye lid and he feels that he mostly reacts to bright lights.

He has been using normal screens at school. About 1 hour 3 times per week.

We have kept up the diet with the limitation on milk, and have continued the supplements.

A 3 day School camp is coming up in less than 2 weeks, which will act as a food test.

I so hope that he comes back tic free.


So Claire amazing changes with the no screens, and it appears that he will be able to tolerate the LCD screen (at least on limited doses).

I must say that the screen test has been much much easier now that the routine of school, homework and sport is back, so to anyone with a teenager I suggest that you pick your timing very carefully.

The restricted screens has actually been a bonus to the whole household. There is Life after screens!!


PS. The relief is so overwhelming.


Hope all your work deadlines are met and selfishly hope you get to start posting soon.

Best wishes


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I would also like to thank you for responses and wealth of info. Weve spent the last month trying to eliminate preservatives, colors, high fructose, and any other junk that doesnt need to be in food for it to taste good. Ive seen some immediate reactions to conveniet foods, almost drug like. Im going to use your tip about molbdenum and try and get my sun to eat some celerary. Thanks again, and hurry back :)

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As with all, I thank you as well. The information and support is invaluable. As an update Luke is moving right along. We had an amzaing couple of weeks where his teacher commented on how "healthy" he looks and that she notices that she is noticing nothing. He is continuing to gain weight, his color is so healthy that I started on the life sytle change I placed him on. His appetite is wondeful too! It is a pleasure to feed him.

Symptons and changes


Sensitive to sound gone

Sentive to light gone

eye rolling gone

blinking/hard blinking once in a blue moon

watch regular TV in school yesterday no reaction

grew over an inch in 4 weeks

gained a few pounds in 4-5 weeks

dark circles under eyes gone

mood swings gone

Personality: well lets say that he volunteered to stand before his class and all of the parents a week and a half ago and said a welcoming speech. Although he forgot some lines...he did it comfortable, with a smile, proudly and without a tic!

He started basketball which is something I thought would never happen. He enjoys it and wakes at the crack of dawn, showers, eats and waits for the clock to hit 9 to go. He always feared organized sports and would even get so nervous when going to birthday parties that he would vomit. No longer the case now.

Stuff we still need work on.... mouth stretching is a biggy. Back stretching is not really noticable but needs work. I am continuing the supp/vitamins and added spinach to his carrot juice pressed fresh daily for best vit/min assemilation. TV is a treat and will continue to be treated as such. I kind of like my home without it, it makes us more of a family. We played hide and seek for an hour last Sunday, and I must admit I enjoyed myself! Still a long road, but at least I am on it! Thanks Claire, Chemar, Allison and Marina and to all who continue to post!



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Marina and Marie,


I am SO THRILLED to hear about your sons - what wonderful news. I can hear the happiness in both of your posts, and I understand it well. My son continues to do great - tics are not noticeable to others - and hardly noticeable to us - many days none are noted, and when there are very subtle one's they can be explained by some kind of exposure - crt, lights, illness. He has been watching more and more LCD and we are seeing no eye squints while he is watching. His brother has been very sick with a high fever and croup - we were at the hospital over night - yesterday my son told me he felt that some habits might be coming - so if they do I imagine he will be fighting a similar illness. I am not stressed about it at all as I know it will pass if it happens - and my hope is the tics would be subtle, not the obvious one's he had in the past. It has now been about 6 weeks - and we could not be happier.

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Hi all,


Work eased up a bit (succeeded in getting new business) so I started posting again, and now the crunch is on again--new business deadlines.


So I am disappearing for a bit again. I write this because otherwise I feel non-repsonsive not answering posts.


Good luck to all!



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Glad to hear the good update on your son now go and make some money and pay off those bills.

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I feel like my Dr. is leaving town. Not meant to make you feel guilty, only appreciated. I am slow with my work now, but that changes month to month for me too, and it has suffered during this research project. That's ok, when I finally do testing I'll be able to discuss this stuff intelligently.(I hope). THANK YOU So Much. I sure will look forward to your return, and updates on you and your son's continued improvements.



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