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Lyme Test Results

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My son had lots of blood work done by Dr. T the only thing that came back high was the ASO (250). The DNase test was not in yet. Dr. T is treating him for PANDAS. He is on 2000 mg. Augmentin and just finished a 5-day Prednisone burst. No change in my son yet, though I know it is early. Here are the results of his Lyme test done by LabCorp.


Western Blot IgG: P23, P66

Western Blot IgM: P41


I know that Lyme is often misdiagnosed. Does anyone have any comments on these test results? Thank you.

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I think there is enough indication with your son's Lab Corp results to move forward with additional testing. I would consider running Igenex WB for $260.00 which includes more Lyme specific bands. I'm sure Dr. T or your son's Dr. would be happy to sign off on lab request for your son.


Also an evaluation by an LLMD for co-infections would be appropriate.




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