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IVIG next week

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DD9 is having her first IVIG next week through Dr. Infante here in San Antonio. Meanwhile she started Augmentin 1000 XR last week and it's made things worse. Dr. Rao in Plano (who prescribed the Augmentin) said that if things are not good after 2 weeks of Augmentin, to do a Prednisone regime for two weeks (plus the Augmentin). Is it unwise to do Prednisone right before IVIG? I need to have another phone consult with Rao to discuss the upcoming local IVIG, he's unaware of it right now. Also, sending off our Igenex test kit soon. We did Neurotransmitter testing through Neuroscience and are awaiting the results.


I'll keep everyone posted!



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We just finished our second round of IVIG with Dr R yesterday and to my understnading the Prednisone and the IVIG have nothing to do with one another- so don't worry about interference. The IVIG is putting new antibodies in the the system for a long term result, the Prednisone is more about dealing with the right NOW and either shrinking inflammation or dealing with more immediate symptoms. We did the neurotransmitter test too- boy everything was out of whack for my son.....really helped put the full picture together for us.

Is Dr. Infante doing the 1.5 over 2 days? IS he using Gammanex? Dr K believes the type of IVIG makes a difference and will only use Gammanex- We got Dr R to work with Dr K to follow his protocol exactly and he even made a comment about another patient has been doing better on the Gammanex than the other brand the child gets from another Dr.

Good luck!


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