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Heard of L-Theanin for anxiety?

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Spoke to one of my Dans yesterday...talked about 5htp at 25mg..and ds and i not waking up...

i had decided to try this on my own..i am very caustious when adding and usual do less than even docs suggest as i would eventually love to just be able to eat what my body needs and not supplement...but i don't see that happening...ie vitamin d from the sun...and not leaving the house because of motivation and searching the net for info on pandas leads to lack of vita d...

anyway...he said try it couple more nights...about 3 to see if body adjusts...

went to give it to ds last night...he said...mom is the one new one for sleep..i said yes...he said i don't like that one, i can't wake up...i told him the doc suggested we try for a couple more nights, i know it was hard to get up, and we'll figure it out...

well he did alot better this morning waking up, said he slept good(remember i'm pulling teeth here)and we will see if

this helps with tics as an anxiety issue .....

our dan said we can go more than 50mg...but like chemar, i don't know that i would ever even attempt that..

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Just a caution re 5HTP or tryptophan....


do NOT take them together, in conjunction with SSRI meds, or anything else that elevates serotonin, as a dangerous condition can result!!!


my son took 5HTP for a while when his OCD was really bad, when he was younger. It did help but we were told never to exceed 50mg a night.


A few years later when he tried it again it made him very very edgy!! as did the L-tryptophan, so the reaction can be very varied!


Interesting, do not think I have heard that. I am past taking either of these, but I took 5HTP for quite a while about a year ago. I would occasionally try tryptophan, at night to help with sleep, and it would make me so edgy and I could not sleep at all, it was really a weird experience. Wondering now if I was taking 5HTP at the same time I tried the tryptophan or not, just don't remember, but wondering if that was part of why I got that reaction.

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We do a cocktail at bedtime- 1 capsule ZEN by thorne( combo gaba and L theanine), 1 capsule 5 HTP, 2 capsules magnesium, mixed in some liquid zinc.

The combo is calming for my son.


Melatonin eventually caused night waking for us too.


Would you mind sharing the mg strength on all the components of this bedtime cocktail as well as the age of your child? Many thanks.

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