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neuro. apt. tomorrow---what to tell almost 7 year old


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I posted on the pandas forum, but then thought that people on this forum might understand this better. We are going to see Dr. Latimer tomorrow, and I"m freaking out (surprise, surprise) about what affect this will have on my daughter. Up until this point, we have not made a big deal out of her tics---just call it extra energy. So she thinks they are "no big deal." Now we are taking her to a doctor, and to an almost 7 year old, that means "something's wrong", which will mean "my tics mean something is wrong if I have to see a doctor for them."


I don't know how Dr. Latimer handles appt.s with the kids---does she talk about it all in front of them? Ask them questions? or just do a physical exam??


Any thoughts would be appreciated---maybe how to word it to her..thanks!

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I would just treat it very "routine" and say that you are interested in hearing from an "expert on tics" to see if there is anything you can do to help make them better.


Hope all goes well. I have no personal experience with DrL as she is primarily used by PANDAS parents here, but have heard very good things about her.

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hi eljomom,

Dr.L. will talk with you and your dd for a while and taking family history, etc. When we saw her,I was used to talking with docs first before my son joined us, but she had him stay and asked him if he wanted to. Actually I had not really used the word 'tics' with him prior to that appt. last year, and she was the first to introduce that word to him. i wasn't totally comfortable, because I wanted to explain first, we had just called them habits or problems, it was just a word that stuck, I hadn't ever said tics. So just a heads up for that, .. he was fine with it and understood, and after that it kind of made it easier for us to just refer to them as tics. but I was nervous in the appt. because I had not been comfortable talking about this stuff in front of him, I didn't want to upset him and yes, make him think something was 'wrong' with him. But he knew we were seeing a doctor about this issue, as we have been to many other type docs before, so what we told him is that we are trying to find out if there is a reason that he has this and this doctor might be able to give us a certain type treatement and we just wanted to talk to her.


Ask all the questions you have and hear her answers, jot them down if you have to, have a pen and your folder of notes in front of you. she probably will ask your daughter some questions, maybe about how she feels about her tics, etc. You'll be right there the whole time and Dr. L. is a very professional normal type woman, nothing quirky about her, so I'm sure your dd will be comfortable.


There is the Washington Zoo nearby, so if you are staying overnight, you could spend the next day doing some site seeing, we did that and it helped to just incorporate the doc appt. with some family time. good luck!



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