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Ok, mom's tonsils definitely coming out!

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After being treated with Augmentin, Biaxin, and Cefuroxime, my PCP sent me to the ENT who was very quick to recommend a tonsillectomy. I saw the Infectious Disease specialist today for a second opinion, and to look into Lyme, and he agreed it's a good idea to take the tonsils out (he said my right tonsil looks HUGE). He took me very serious and wants to have my heart checked, and prescribed about 15 different lab tests (among them Lyme and co-infections, even though he is not an LLMD, just a good ID doctor who takes Lyme seriously).

DH broke his ankle a couple of weeks ago, so if at Wednesday's follow up everything looks OK for him and he can start driving, I'll be getting my tonsils out next Monday.

PANDAS ds13 is doing ok right now, with ups and downs related mainly to herxing I believe, but I'm not going to sit here and wait for strep to rear it's ugly head again around here...

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Wow, that's a fast turn around for getting an appt for surgery. They mean business! I hope surgery helps and stops the strep problems and whatever other issues you may be having with such a swollen tonsil. They can affect your ears, night time breathing, etc.

I was surprised too at how eager the ENT seemed. I was thinking "is this guy knife-happy or what?" So that's why I got a second opinion. And since dh has to stay home because of his leg anyway, we may as well take care of this now. And yes, my ears have been bothering me a lot lately.

I am so hoping this is the beginning of the way back from a year and a half of non-stop medical issues for our family.

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And they are OUT... Home now and feeling not too badly. Just taking ibuprofen (I have a prescription for Percocet but I'm trying to avoid it). They sent half the tonsils for culture and the other half somewhere else to look for Lyme. He said not to panic if the culture reveals an array of pathogens, it is to be expected. I have a follow up with ID doctor next Monday so we'll see what he says.

But I'm really happy I feel pretty good. I will try to take it easy. My dear friends from the homeschooling group are bringing dinner for a couple of weeks and dh is home, so it should be an easy recovery. I just remember being so thankful when I woke up (roughly 1 hr after "going under") that I had made it through the anestesia part :)

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Happy that you're recovering well. Hopefully, you'll get to rest easy for a while. Remember to rest & take care of yourself!!! If there's ever a time to take a Percoset, it's today. :)


Saw my ENT on Fri & he extended my abx based on being around ds & PANDAS. Mentioned a tonsillectomy as a possibility but didn't jump at the chance to remove them. My EBV test was high but clinically it didn't seem like I had it (just showed I have had it before). Strep titers were rose a little bit over the week (84 to 110) but still low (but it still could be strep I guess). So, I'll be watching your progress just in case I get to join ya.


Take care! Get well soon!

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