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Help last 1o days of our life turned upside down

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Thanks GAT, As I sit with Nick doing homework he's had to have 3 mints to keep from gagging. Its the weirdest thing. I just gave him a dose of Motrin as someone said to try that to see if things quiet it. So looking forward to Saturdays nuerolgy appt. for more insight. Love this network because,now that I've found it,I'm on it lots and looking elsewhere over the net for more info, Sincerly, thanks,Barb


My son is an ibuprofen responder. Hope that took the edge off for your son. I've learned to substitute vit c and/or zinc drops sometimes to at least get a little nutrition into him. At one time I even used gummy multivitamins. He always preferred a mint and I know the peppermint soothed his stomach which was always an issue, too.

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