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Both my ds12 and dd8 have been having rages and emotional melt downs this week. I thought it was a reaction me having pink eye..... Which probably is part of it. However, my dd8 is very sensitive to red dye (red dye=RAGES). She has been eating 1 cupcake after dinner every night. A box made cup cake and then frosted with the can frosting....yes I know bad mom to begin with but didn't have the strength for homemade. Then crescent rolls last night with dinner. She was sent to bed shortly after dinner for her behavior. This AM I read labels... Didn't think to at the store because they aren't red.... Not even pink. Both the crescent rolls and WHITE frosting have red dye????? Well that explains A LOT!!!! Just wanted to share in case someone else out there could benefit.

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thanks for alerting members to that.]


almost all prepackaged food products nowadays have artificial stuff in them.........did you know that they use the blue dyes to make some white stuff whiter (eg marshmallows!) and also use that awful titanium dioxide as white coloring too (studies show it to be a carcinogen)


honestly, we learned the hard way to read every single label and usually if the ingredient list is more than 3 or 4 items.....it is bad! Dont be fooled by the word "all natural" either. If in doubt, call the company and ask. You would be amazed at what garbage some of them are using and calling "natural"<_<

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Yep. Marshmallows are bad. White marshmallows have blue food dye (except for generic Walmart). My husband says it makes the whiter brighter. Also, the FDA does not regulate the word "natural" on foods so anyone can put the word natural on it regardless of ingredients.


As for rolls, they now carry Pillsbury "Simply" rolls. I buy the Simply cookies and they're good too. It's nice to have on hand when you just don't feel like making things from scratch.

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