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What Azith. dosage.....ready to start somewhere

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WEll, I had the labs drawn yesterday that Dr. T ordered. REgardless of the results, I believe that abx is the next thing to try here. He had said he would rx ,but haven't been able to get in touch with him:( My ped., who thinks it's only pandas if titers are elevated, did say that he wouldn't have a problem prescribing abx for a month to see what happens.


So, it sounds like azith. has a broad spectrum, and since we "may" be dealing with myco p, as well as perhaps azith has immuno-modulating properties (if we can't find the source), then I think that's a good place to start.


That being said, since Dr. T is not replying ( I sure hope I'll be able to get my test results back!), I want to ask my ped. but don't know what dose to try.


Reminder, we had ocd (not severe) for a year or so, then a few tics this spring (which may be compulsions??), then fever in June (not strep), and within a week, explosion of tics, head to toe, separation anxiety, hyper.


Would like to know what would be a month dosing course for my daughter, who will be 7 in December, and weighs about 45 pounds???



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My 50 lb daughter took 250 mg. Currently on Augentin ES 600mg daily (prophylaxis) b/c Azith did not take away all her tics. I think It's a good place to start & see how your child responds since your doc is willing to prescribe. I have a non-exisitent titer kid, despite months and months of positive strep rapids and cultures-so it makes me crazy when I hear that a doc does not realize that this is a possibility. I have seen it before my eyes.

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